The First Time We Went to the Lake House With Our Kids

Big Event

We have been going to the lake house for a couple of years now and we finally took our kids! It has been quite a few years since they were little and it was such an eventful trip. We had so much fun with them, but also got some time away from them as well which was nice. The place is huge and there are plenty of things for everyone to do, from swimming in the water or playing games on shore to relaxing by the fire pit at night. You can also find a list of things you’ll need, so we will cover child camping bed model and many other things.

The first thing we did was get the kids settled into their rooms. We had to show them around and let them know what time dinner would be, where they could find towels for the lake house , etc.. They were all really excited about staying there but still wanted to hit up some of our favorite spots in town before we got too far away from home .

Child Camping Bed

We planned on taking a few days at the lake house with everyone so it didn’t make sense if we went out every night anyway. It feels like everything is magnified when you are out there because your schedule isn’t exactly packed; instead things feel more laid back (which can also mean that nothing gets done sometimes). The first day I think most people took naps or just relaxed which wasn’t too bad. The kids were still pretty young so they wanted to go out for a bit in the afternoon, but it didn’t take long before they were ready to come back and just chill again with us adults .

The next day we planned on doing some kayaking which was really nice because you could see all of nature around you as well as each other if everyone stayed close enough (we had actually brought my parents along too). It is amazing how much faster the time goes when you are having fun! We also stopped at this awesome spot where there was an old abandoned boat that people would turn into their own little tiny houses; they looked like something straight out of Gilligan’s Island , super cool.